Match bonus

19/05/17 20:24
The strats you are using to punch above your weight are likely the exact strats that are causing the injuries. There are trade off, it's why most of us love the game so much even when we hate it. I'm betting you have high rhythm at the least and likely high speeds and high aggression would be the cherry on top.
19/05/17 20:39
I am not giving away my tactics but you are neither completely right or completely wrong. Although you are more wrong than right.

If it was down to my set up then I would see far more injuries against similar or higher rated teams who have stronger players. However my injuries come from league and cup games against teams who has quite a bit lower than me. This is down to the fact that they use MB to climb the leagues etc
19/05/17 21:16
Your choice to ignore us. I would bet my house your rhythm is high. You can take the advice given, which is more than I should have given, or you can have fun reintroducing your head to the brick wall
19/05/17 22:31
Shaun...chill out my friend.....these guys know the game better than I do but I will take a look at your players and give you some of my limited advice in our 2nd Guild.
20/05/17 17:04
Shaun Gray :

Well if they say it then it must be true, eh!?

Wait until you come up against lower rated teams who use high MB in league games, your injuries will start piling up. Note how I stated lower level teams. I have no issues with injuries against similar or higher rated teams. It is only the ones much lower who are clearly using MB to get where they are.

Is itnlower rated or lower level teams injuring your players so badly? Big difference between rating and level mate...

The fact that all the experienced players are telling you its related to strategy is a pretty good indication that "they" are right. We have all been there at some point and we have all figured out the problem is with us and not the game. Reasons for injuries have been highlited many a time on the forums so I suggest you read up and implement advise given