Lines that players run

18/05/17 15:51
Has anyone noticed how the defender (usually the full back) runs up the pitch to try and meet a faster player, rather than running a diagonal line towards his own try line in an attempt to catch the attacker. He is then made to turn and chase the attacker after he has already passed him.
18/05/17 16:15
Fixable with the right strategy adjustments. By the way, wrong section of the forum to be posting this.
18/05/17 16:19
I see nothing in the strategy that stops my fullback from running like an idiot. It happens to every team I have played. The full back runs the wrong way.

P.S It is the correct section as it is an idea to fix the mechanics which means players run unrealistically.
19/05/17 02:25
It is in strat and phusion is correct in pointing out that you stated a problem, not an idea present in your post. Strats interact with other strats and getting your 1t to run correctly is not easy and took many of us working with our guild to nail it out.