42 days guild building upgrade

17/03/20 11:52
As the title says to get to level 28 guild a 42 day build time! Anyone else have this?
17/03/20 12:19
Yep. But not only that. Lower level upgrades also take longer. If you were lucky enough to upgrade your guild building from level 24 to 25 before the update, it took about 6 days. It now takes 24 days. So, you know, fair as usual
18/03/20 14:36
Yep. Was coming here to post the same issue. iOS version here.
11/04/20 07:06
what is the world coming too?
19/04/20 17:59
ridiculous, 42 days to build . sounds like this is the end of this game. I have a 34 day build. surely this is not right
21/04/20 00:19
They merely want you to use gold balls to accelerate, just be patient with the upgrade.