Why has the thread for Match Fixing been removed?

17/12/17 21:58
For the record, I have removed no threads or posts with respect to this but............

Unfounded allegations of cheating will not be and have never been, tolerated. To date I have seen nothing that supports / evidences what has been referred to as match fixing. How many times have we had such 'allegations' when it is simply a case of poor strategies and lack of understanding / ability? IF you believe you have a genuine evidence based case of such begaviour then raise a ticket for the developers to deal with it. The forum is not the place.
17/12/17 22:15
One time putting a losing strat on and conceding points followed by the other doing the same is not poor strats - it’s deliberate and it’s obvious.

Look at the scores in the top leagues - see how many end up at 35 all and watch the games - it’s so obvious.

Don’t worry - tickets will be are being raised for every single match that is played out this way.
17/12/17 22:49
Nowhere in the rules of the game does it say you are not permitted to do this so it cannot be deemed cheating.

Have all your gripes about how its not in the spirit of rugby and not nice but don't insinuate cheating when there is none. It's something the mods, admin and devs have been very clear about in the past and quite probably the reason for deleting of your previous thread.
17/12/17 22:59
Of course it’s cheating - listen to yourself
17/12/17 23:02
Please enlighten me as to a sport where fixing the outcome of a match is not cheating?
17/12/17 23:02
Allow me to elaborate. It is not cheating, as there is nothing to state that it is breaching any rules. There is nothing to state that an alliance of teams (although not always guild related) cannot rig matches to a +4 try draw to gain 3 points each or play a half each on a losing strategy...there is nothing to state that this play is breaching any rules, however it is morally wrong and is not tolerated in the real world, but I guess we just have to accept that this alleged rigging will continue to be tolerated, as there is no evidence to suggest any of this in the top leagues, as teams can freely select a strategy of their choice....even a weak or losing strategy.
Do the administrators agree with my statement above?
By the way, tickets have been issued.
17/12/17 23:08
Anyone attempting to say this is not cheating is only kidding themselves.
Throwing a match in a guild challenge is a choice by a guild but "match fixing" in the league that affects placings is a form of cheating.
17/12/17 23:09
Thanks Shane - you clearly have common sense and can see how it can effect others and benefit the parties involved
17/12/17 23:12
I wholeheartedly agree with you Shane, however, I can’t see it being investigated or stopped as the allegations are unfounded and apparently do not happen.
17/12/17 23:17
For the record I deleted thread and post and have banned people regarding match fixing and cheating allegations, the forum has not and never will allow these topics to be spread and accusations to be thrown around, how many of you have played a gvg game and lost it to make sure your guild mates can all play a second game and cash in.

Please refrain from expanding on the post otherwise it will also be removed