Anyone for ping pong?

13/03/17 22:20
To all one time Football Champions fans I'd like your feedback before I quit the game.

Does anyone like ping pong? If you do, then this is the game for you. I enjoyed the game when strategies resembled football. The only way most games are won now is by deploying the hoof it to the goalmouth from any position on the field and hope one of the 7 players positioned past the penalty spot get on the end of it.

Does anyone believe in the MB system? It is a complete farce.

Does anyone believe the sports shop is a meaningful addition? I don't, poorly explained and a gag to get more to contribute hard currency in the forlorn belief it gives you an advantage.

Does anyone like it when your players run the length of the pitch backwards? I don't. An absolute joke. My players now move backwards almost every time they receive the ball and I've changed nothing. My players now pass backwards even when past last defender and on goal and despite kick distance set to zero kick at goal even before getting close.

Both my football accounts are being deleted. I will also delete both my 'Touchdown' US football version accounts. If they tamper with the Rugby version and introduce stupid additions or mess with the code anymore, both my accounts will also be deleted.

What is it going to take to actually make this game enjoyable again, because I'm trying hard to figure that out bearing in mind I believe this game has got worse and not better.

Yes I've spent a bit of money with Sublinet, but I will not spend a single penny more.

Feedback welcome.

A sad day because I've enjoyed being in guilds and having a laugh whilst enjoying the game but have decided to vote with my feet.

13/03/17 23:42
And there is more

Home away advantage is ridiculous.

And penalties, what a joke they are. I've tried best players, medium quality players and changed kick power, yet haven't scored a penalty for weeks, honestly, weeks and well over a hundred games. What a joke.

As I said, slowly but surely changing this game from football to table tennis. Great strategy Sublinet.
14/03/17 11:15
Sorry to hear gareth you'll be a great loss to team wales and a great loss to the game too I hate all this run back shit too like honestly sublinet have you ever seen a footballer running backwards with the ball ?

and no I don't believe in MB the only time I use it is to grind a point for my team out on GC but can't wait till I get to a high enough level to say it's gone for good desperate to get rid of it being honest. Much rather play with outright skill for me the game became dead the moment they made pack players it's funny to see the amount of players only in the top levels of the game because of the pack.

although I think the home advantage thing has got better since the last update.
17/03/17 11:17
As you only play each team once in the league Home advantage should be dropped to level the playing field
29/06/17 10:42
All this sounds very depressing . Perhaps as a newcomer I should leave before I progress sufficiently to discover all these awful sounding 'enhancements'.
29/06/17 10:57
it's been 3 monthes already and there are still no change about what he ave said,it's pity.....the players are still running back the legth of the field before attacking ,we already sent tickets about that but it's ignored,even when the players are alone in front
of the opponents GK,he still drill backward before attacking forward....away and home match is a joke as many team play less hom match than others during several's a pity,already so many teams and mates had left the game because of what happenened
24/07/17 01:54
I think this is a stupid game and so unfair game it have Iranian only to won if they VS a stronger team this is a Iranian game
26/07/17 11:59
bro my players also go backwards for some reason i keep making it offensive mode but nothing worked
29/07/17 20:30
This long ball into the box and a tap in is doing my head in. No tactics just predictable rubbish.
Using bonus has a negative effect, penalties are a joke, a bit like the whole game and most of the players at the moment.
29/07/17 23:05
So here is all the problems in a nutshell summarized I'm sending this to Nitro myself. We can moan and complain all day, all night long here but nothing will change as nobody in authority actually monitors the posts so the only way we have a slight chance of getting what we want is to act together and directly bombard nitro with tickets everyday until we see the changes we want.

Things to sort
Players run backwards
nobody can score a penalty-
More chance of scoring a free kick than a penalty
sideways football - like come on be real with here Nitro have you ever seen anyone win a game of football by playing majority of your men on onside of the pitch
bonus is something I don't know of one single player who actually wants it in the game so why is it there ?.