Looking to merge with another guild

08/06/19 11:55
England’s Elite wish to merge with another guild. We are currently 11 medium to high level players (around 300 stars), friendly, knowledgable and most importantly active that got sabotaged and now cannot compete in guild challenges. We are finding it hard to recruit due to our level so would like to merge with another guild in a similar position. If anyone would like to merge two guilds together and build a new strong guild please get in touch. We aren’t bothered about the name of the guild, mainly that we all stay together.

08/06/19 12:02
How did u get sabotaged? Rogue right hand?
08/06/19 12:28
Yeah, kicked many of our players who never came back guess they thought they’d been sacked..
08/06/19 15:09
Gutting. I'm sure with patience you guys will get 20 + soon. Unless you get a merger with a decent guild. Good luck. I was going to send invites out but won't given the circumstances as only looking for 1 player.
08/06/19 15:35
We can accommodate all 11 of you, if you’re happy to join.

Invites sent.
08/06/19 19:46
Was that hellfire jäger bombers?
08/06/19 19:46
Was that hellfire jäger bombers?
08/06/19 20:57
Yes. We have five spaces available immediately, and the other six can be in within an hour or so. We have a few inactive guys that we could remove.
08/06/19 21:40
I'll send invites (Fire of Dragons) to keep your options open.
08/06/19 21:45
Hellfire - I've sent invites to your players as a potential new home lol. Sorry I don't know which ones are inactive. Hopefully everyone finds themselves in a guild after the dust settles.