Taff tell my why

18/11/16 13:18
Taff u have alot off 190* players why do u overbid us on the the lower star players????
18/11/16 15:10
Him and Welsh Wizards continually ruin the game for everyone that doesn't play with a credit card.
18/11/16 15:23
Yes thats why so many guys go off the game
18/11/16 15:29
Gilbert was the same but seems to have chilled out recentley. There is suck a lack of quality players and whenever one becomes available, one of these two is signing them just to sell them on.
18/11/16 15:31
I hate to tell you guys that there are ways to do great without a card. My guild routinely dominates the mid to lower level ah without credit cards. And you can do the same if you identify how it is done. Why should we ask taff to change what has made him a success? And if it's all credit card all I can say is thank you taff for paying so this game is free for me.
18/11/16 15:37
What guild is that?
18/11/16 15:43
Scrum down ruck over drink up. We will make sure to look out for you so as not to give you our secrets I'm hoping we do what other top guilds have learned, we aren't the only guild that does great in the ah by any means, but we can buy who we want.
18/11/16 15:51
Ur guild is not that good mate
18/11/16 15:52
You think you're a top guild?. Funny.
18/11/16 17:22
You guys are horrible trolls. We dominate the levels we are at, if you can read i already said we are mid to upper lvl ah therefore mid to upper level championships. Now get off your high horse and realize you complain more than people that apparently arent any good. And yes, i do think we are a top guild. Find another guild with our championship levels and we will take them on mb free, even if they use mb