Catch a wake up!

19/05/19 11:58
I will have words with the person who told me it was up for sale then lol unless it was and not any more. Cheers buddie. As a suggestion maybe you need a moderator when it comes to bad language on here. I see this as a cracking way of making friendships with ppl in different parts of the world. We won't be abusive on here. All the best fella. A top game from a real life rugby captain that sometimes plays half
19/05/19 12:03
there is a Mod for the forum i will tell him to be more active. game was for sale, not now. ther is many giant facebook and Whats app groups that people talk
19/05/19 12:10
Top man. That explains it. I've made v gd friendships with r l rugby players or ppl with just a love for the game from different parts of the world - this game is the sole reason for it. All the best bud. Well-done for your successes in strongly turning things around.
20/05/19 15:18
I've fired up the old guild super computer and it's analysed all previous forum bollox for patterns in posts etc. It has concluded that guest 4BK15 must be Hull FC Sean
20/05/19 16:10
Good day,

The game engine has just gone crazy after today's patches... Interceptions are ridiculous.
The opposition players are making pass intercepts at about 30-40 meters on the off side of the ball. Is this going to be fixed?

The game engine was simply fantastic all season!!
Why mess it up so badly now??

Please change it back to when it worked. The movements seem sometimes logical, sometimes completely illogical. 15 runs away from tackles constantly... Isn't his function in rugby to actually tackle??

Thank you for working on the problem with injuries.
I have had 2-3 injuries of 3 or 4 days each day this season! If I dont sleep and 10 people in the guild stay up all day and night, then I may be lucky to get 240 heal kits.
But with the amount of and severity of injuries it's costing 300- 500 heal kits per day. I'm running at a massive loss this season of hundreds of heal kits per day.
Thank you for adressing this problem.

Somebody very rightly hit the nail on the head, it is no longer possible to develop players with all of the important attributes at a good enough level by the time that they retire.
Players are generally only becoming average and barely acceptable by the time they are 30 years old.
It is just inconceivable to have to allocate points to toughness because of how the game has been set up with aspects surrounding training.
Thanks again
20/05/19 16:35
With regards to VISA vs Non-VISA. It is at times a tricky thing... Especially during seasons where (like some people have previously mentioned) fouls are over exaggerated when non VISA players play against VISA players. It is hard enough to get the ball and then to lose every single time at the 1st moment of contact.
While this isn't the case now, I can see their frustration as some seasons it very much is as they say and then there simply is no point playing.

I feel that there needs to be money made in the game. And i feel that VISA players need to have some benefit, otherwise why have them in the game and why would people buy them...?
There must be some value to them.

Now there is this new "overall star rating intensity bonus" that was advertised about 2 patches ago.... this makes it so much harder for Non-VISA players to play the game or get anywhere in a strategy/management game where strategy should be the most important thing, not the amount spent suddenly making teams good. Star rating intensity bonus would make it almost as if one is already the game uphill with players who are already near impossible to train to a decent level.

That said, there should be some benefit to buying VISA players.

So how about giving people in the game the opportunity to actually through hard work, get their players to a good level again like it was a few years ago?

In the past, non-VISA players could train an unlimited amount of training matches. So through hard work and effort, at least there was a possibility of developing a good team. And so one could earn through sweat and tactics the right to climb to the top in a management strategy game.

Can't something like this be done? People who spend time making an effort should reap the rewards, not so??
At the moment we are amputated with very little way of competing and so.... like many have said, so many many many people are fuming daily on the verge of quitting.

Your numbers in activity may be up, but not because of the reasons u think. Most people are constantly angry and ready to leave the game. That includes cash players and non-cash players. It is more the communities and friends that are keeping people in the game and encouraging one another to hang in there in HOPE that you improve the game.

It is not the arrogant approach of thinking that development is at its best that the reason for activity is still up there...

I very much feel the frustration and see it constantly about what people have said in here previously.
You have to find a way to get the game running well and "logically" according to descriptions in help pages and so on, where things make sense.
Most importantly it is important to keep BOTH the cash and non-cash players in the game to keep it alive.

Don't have that ugly attitude of disregarding people who have expressed their concerns here previously because of them not being in the guilds that you like or because they don't spend enough.

The game needs everyone. If all non-cash players feel that there is nothing to look forward to or work towards in this game then it will lose them. The community will drop significantly!!

What will happen when there are only a few players left in the game, only cash players??
A few cash players with multiple accounts playing by themselves?
Even they will start to leave as well and your attitide/approach to the game will start to kill the game.

The game may look like it is booming to you but it is hanging on a fragile thread. Countless previous cash players and top players no longer play but their accounts are kept active by others where people have 2-8 or more accounts.

Don't be so naive and deceived by only number and data. But combine what happens in the communities to explain the data.

I believe and have hole that the game can go to new levels and people can really enjoy it!!

I would request, please increase training matches to 30 max per day. Increase training speeds ...
Give people hope to see a reason for staying in there...
As it stands...people are just hanging in there (contributing to stats of activity) in hope, with no desire to actually play

Please think about it.
Thank you for your consideration...
20/05/19 20:18
Sweet Nitro have screwed up with this new update. They have proved they know 'sweet FA' about the game.
My Backs now seem to be employed as ushers, who do no more than show my opponents where to run, then just wave them through. I've been playing this game for about 4 years, but if they don't sort their shit out, I won't be playing much longer.
20/05/19 20:34
Just seen the updates after a long day at my own work and it seems as though this is a huge backwards step in not only game play but coding in general. For who ever is still unaware I'll try sort this tonight
20/05/19 20:52
Guest 4BK15N :

Just seen the updates after a long day at my own work and it seems as though this is a huge backwards step in not only game play but coding in general. For who ever is still unaware I'll try sort this tonight

Is anyone else calling bullshit on this joker?
20/05/19 22:31
Nob nose, nose nob :

Guest 4BK15N :

Just seen the updates after a long day at my own work and it seems as though this is a huge backwards step in not only game play but coding in general. For who ever is still unaware I'll try sort this tonight

Is anyone else calling bullshit on this joker?

Yep, me...…..They only seem intent on shafting us, and not giving us a playable game. Nitro would find their time better spent sorting out existing issues rather than do everything in their power to create new ones. No matter what way you look at it, as it stands, this game is just total bullshit.