Squad Limit

08/05/16 01:01
I think it would be a good idea for there to be a limit on squad size. It is amazing how some people have enormous squads.I think the largest squad i have played against had 148 players. If there was a limit (say 25) it would ensure a steady turnover of players coming up for transfer.
08/05/16 13:02
i agree with you...there's a big difference between teams and it's almost impossible to imagine how they can have players with 140,135....me, i have my training in level 20...i buy player with 198% training speed,i train them almost 10hour per day but my best player is still 124 ...the rest about
08/05/16 14:08
The squad limit size is limited by your finances - the more players you have the more it costs. So I think its fair to have a squad size that you see fit as it is a tradeoff of squad size versus income