friends VS World elite all over again

10/09/17 05:34
Healthy rivalry is always good in sport (even if we don't even get off our backsides for this!! lol)

Good win World Elite... we are now more aware of where our short comings are and will be stronger for next time... grats to all who participated... Long may our rivalry be upheld

And apologies to my team mates for not being 100% prepared (but you know what happened MK and thanks for your undying support)

AFC Millwall (Friends)
10/09/17 09:11
Thanks John and MK I reckon next time you can take of us all you just need to give it some thought even though you lost some good players I don't question the talent is there to compete with us where I might have the edge is I know roughly the strength of each of your teams like the back of my hand so I made comparisions with my teams and tried to match up or give someone a simple match up where I could to maximise points if you think about it you have two goes too so first one you play is for what you consider as close to a safe point as and then you can afford to be slightly more ambitous about it. Like one of the matchups was Red dragons on Kalts I believe like red dragons is 3 levels higher but if he wins which chances are he would he's then got a spare second go he can hold on