New Season - New glitch

14/01/16 19:08
Does this have to happen every fortnight? Yet again all the games seem to be stuck on 0-0. Is it going to be a case of playing guild matches, tournament and championship back to back.... Which means my third game in quick succession where I'm not online my players will be knackered in energy!
14/01/16 19:12
Forget that all seems to be working now
16/01/16 10:50
Actually I was just 24 hours early posting this!
16/01/16 11:41
Games are all stuck today on 0-0.

Time 10:40 on 16/01/16.
16/01/16 12:12
Ditto here. Games are all stuck at 0-0...
16/01/16 12:31
they need to get this sorted as it happens every few weeks now
16/01/16 12:49
Both championship and tournament are stuck
16/01/16 13:38
It's every new season, third in a row and no chance of it being fixed until monday! Unfortunately I'd just won a tournament and was waiting to join another so I'll miss out on the match money!
16/01/16 15:39
It always seems to happen when the second round of matches in a new championship is due to be played. Something kicks back and goes into a loop and puts the brakes on everything else involving matchplay. Meanwhile everyone cracks on building and (trying to) buying new players, which generates more income fo Pie rot LL and his mates, who are seemingly sat on their 4rses jugging back cheap wine, while Rome burns around them. Come on guys, sort this bloody mess out.