Guild Challenge Announcement

21/07/16 21:29
Spingboks Legends will not longer wish participate in Guild Challenges for the following reasons:

1 - Since the update losing a game cost 1000 fans but playing a match only gets you 200 fans. This makes it extremely difficult for weaker teams to keep fans up. Simple solution: minimise losses

2 - Match Bonus makes the whole idea of GvG pointless. The idea is to see who is the strongest guild. Not the guild with the most money.

3 - Other than making more money there is no real incentive to play GvG and even win.
22/07/16 00:09
The 200 fans only applies once you go past the 142K fans mark so your weaker teams should be fine as they will still be able to manage to stay around 140K fans and from a cash point of view staying out of GvG just because of fans is now slowing the growth of your weaker teams. Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face.

So are you going to stop Tournaments too, as the lose ratio is a lot higher there?
22/07/16 00:15
Well said there Myth but if they want to stop well then there's more money and fans for the rest of us. It seems that guys are forgetting that this is just a game.
22/07/16 01:33
Surely the real reason is that you're just not that good. Us real Legends have several more victories.
22/07/16 05:35
Mythical I see you are the only person in your guild who has stadium level 21.

Come back and comment when most of your teams are on 21.

If you lose 1000 fans from 1 game it tacks 5 wins to get those fans back. 5 wins means the team in the match area get stronger which means you can't win.

We have a way for the guys that need cash to get it.

@Kenilworth - 20 wins from 50 GC is 40% win rate. 16 from 16 is 100%. Having a number of wins means nothing if you can't see how many challenges have been played.
22/07/16 06:00
Let me do the maths to show you. Once all the teams in your guild have passed the 142 000 fans mark.

You can only win a max of 25 games in a guild challenge. The means your guild gain 5000 fans altogether.

Now let's say you are playing a weaker guild and they only win 12 games. 12 losses for your guild means you lose 12 000 fans.

So in this GC where you have totally dominated your opposition you have lost 7 000.

Let's assume that the opposition played 37 games. 12 wins and 25 loses. Which would mean your guild won another 25 games so gained 5000 fans. You have still lost 2000!!

This is also assuming that your guild wins all 25 games first time.

Guild Challengers are a great way to make money under stadium level 20. Once you go to 21 it makes no sense!
22/07/16 07:58
Thanks for the maths lesson, here is another one. You can play 8 or more training games per day, that is 1600 fans. Let's times that by 25 the number of guild members, that gives 40 000 fans per day. Wow that is a lot of fans. If you play the game for its entirety you will notice that being active will result in a full stadium. And yes I am the only one with a level 21 stadium but I manage my own fans and I have almost managed to reach max fans it takes long (As intended by the developers) but it requires that you are active and that you use all the tools given.

Rather see this change as a challenge and take it on with a smile, and most importantly it's a game enjoy it.
22/07/16 18:21
Kenilworth :

Surely the real reason is that you're just not that good. Us real Legends have several more victories.

WOW 2 more victories then our small academy with non lvl21 stadiums!!! Everyone bow down we got real "legends" in the house.
22/07/16 19:00
Laugh out land big up
22/07/16 19:01
springbok legends are shit, thats the real reason they aint playing gvg