Energy and friendlies

02/08/16 18:26
Does energy levels make a difference in friendly matches?
02/08/16 20:15
02/08/16 23:28
Not necessarily obvious for newcomers. A little courtesy goes a long way Jonathan.
03/08/16 00:56
none whatsoever
03/08/16 07:44
Friendless is supposed to be a simulation.
In reality, no energy is used during a friendly match, however it supposed simulates based on the starting energy of both teams, and the energy that would be used during the game if it was a competitive match.
However, at the end, you are back to the energy you started with.
In other words, you can play as many friendlies as you like to trial things.
03/08/16 10:43
Thanks for the answers. It is as i suspected.
03/08/16 12:55
Sorry, let me get this straight because iv misunderstood things for a while now. In friendlies u begin with ur current energy levels? I thought u began with 100%?
03/08/16 17:18
You begin friendlies with whatever your energy level is at the time you start the game.