Player vanishes

26/01/17 15:22
About 2 weeks ago, I bought a hooker rated 178 called Connor. 27/28 years old.
Now, he's gone. Just gone, as in vanished into thin air.
I didn't sell him. He's just gone!
This ever happen to anyone else?
26/01/17 15:49
I haven't had it happen or heard of it happening. However, many of us have experienced the game having an issue with saying we clicked player 27. When we touched player 19. I have accidentally sold one of my top young players due to this issue which was not fun but what is done is done and now I take a few seconds extra time.
28/01/17 16:22
how to cont formations that number 9 sent the ball to the line, or the 10th 12th 13 players ... that the ball more is added by hand
28/01/17 16:58
I would try to help but I'm struggling to understand the question. Sorry bud