Patch 6.0

24/02/19 16:36
I think its great to introduce and tweak game engine parameters. Thats how rugby evolves as a stretegy in the real world. It should never be a once of search for the Holy Grail and then you have the key for eternity.

Changing the parameters slightly during each off season would be best, then the really good teams will show their colours and adapt quicker than the rubbish teams.
24/02/19 16:38
I'd like to know how this intensity parameter is supposed to work, and what is the logic/motivation behind it?

If it works similar to a weather pattern and applies to all teams, that would be great. So for example, mid season - teams tend to get tired due to heavy pitches - then those teams with the highest rhythm would suffer more - that would be great.

I hope it applies to all teams equally though. Then all would have to adapt and it would be another great parameter to sort the good teams from the great teams.
25/02/19 11:12
Awful update, game has become robotic. Finding a strategy that works for more than a day is impossible as they continually tweak the settngs. Who the heck is asking for these updates. Catching people offline is all part of the game, now with auto subs the only people that will win are the guys that have spent fortunes and have 22 credit card players to bring on unbeatable subs. Health kits will only be available in any number through buying them. Nitro are just interested in milking credit card players. I for one will not spend another penny. Im sure there are people who will keep spending so i dont expect me not buying will make any difference just the way i feel. The game i once loved has been destroyed just so nitro can get more revenue. Good luck to those who think spending 20 or 30 quid a week os the way forward and a price worth paying.