Thinking of upgrading my stadium to level 21

29/04/17 18:01
Is it worth upgrading my stadium to level 21+? In the passed many was complaining about the inconsistency in supporters for a win and loss. I dont want to build if I lose silly amounts of supporters that cant be caught up after playing the 5 challenge games it now gives a day
29/04/17 19:26
Losses and gains are now pretty much equal all round so there won't be any difference in fan loss/gain if you upgrade
30/04/17 11:17
I have a level 23 stadium Paul , and the best thing to do I've found is let ya self go down the rankings to the point you won't be challenged if you need to get your fanbase back up only challenge the guy nearest to you on the ranking sstem so you fal more places than you go up.
05/05/17 12:35
Thank you time for an upgrade I think