Welsh War Dogs - looking to merge

07/05/18 16:42

We are currently 12 members, 4 of whom are inactive. Despite a recruitment campaign we are no better off. Looking to merge with another guild of similar strength.
07/05/18 16:58
I like yr name :). We can feed you players to help out if you like mate. Can't merge sorry as too many players. - - - Fire of Dragons - - -
07/05/18 17:38
Hi Arwen, please search for Dirty Ruckers and join us. We have 8 slots free so you would fit perfectly. (Actives)
We are a laid back but active guild. Mix of nations and ratings from 190-340. You would be most welcome.
Cheers David ( munster)
07/05/18 17:43
I sent your team invites so you can check us out. Hope it works out, this stupid new rule is really bumming the lads out.
07/05/18 17:46
Lastly you would all retain your ranks and we would join the names if that helped? Dirty Ruckers & Welsh War Dogs
07/05/18 18:41
Guys if anything goes wrong and yr 1 or 2 short... we will help you out IF needed - - - Fire of Dragons - - -
07/05/18 19:33
Prynhawn dda arwyn.
Ifc sparring have 11 spaces, we're the feeder guild to The International Fight Club (currently rank 12 with a man short), my b team is there. I will invite your leaders and if you want to come over you can, I will make you guys leaders and you can invite the rest and premote them accordingly.
We're all active and dont miss gcs, we've got a Facebook group with all the guys from the main guild in it for advice on strats etc..
Tell knights of Caerphilly, I grew up in hendredenny and went to St cenydd. I also speak some Welsh allthough out of practice.
Would be a good merger. We don't have many rules, it's pretty easy going, we just ask that you play gcs if in them or tell us if you can't be.
07/05/18 19:53
thanks for the invites. I will go back to the guild and let the majority decide.
07/05/18 21:27
OK bud, keep me posted or just come over and we'll sort from there.