how many players in a squad?

01/01/17 23:51
just looking at some of the teams in my league this season and notice 1 team has 12 and another has only 11 i thought it was suppose to be a minimum of 15 can you please tell me how they can do this?
02/01/17 00:55
What do you mean Obvs Miminium anyone can have is 11 because that is what a full squad is on a football field . I have 30 players in my main team
02/01/17 10:13
theirs only 11 players in total no subs
02/01/17 10:27
I dont think there is an upper limit a couple of months ago a guy in the same guild as me put a link to a match he played & said look at this guys squad. If I remember right he had 85 players it was certainly eighty something which is totally pointless
02/01/17 15:24
i thought there was a lower limit too of 15 i mean if you only got 11 players in total and 2 get injured your down to 9 nd if your not online theres nothing u can do!!!
02/01/17 15:41
hi taffs think its 11 players but if they get an injery sublinet gives them a 6 or 7 rated player
02/01/17 15:48
k thxs gareth
02/01/17 18:08
That makes sense I have seen teams with 11+ players rated over 100 plus some rated @ 6/7 I'm only in the 90's & have not seen a player anywhere near that low in weeks
03/01/17 18:54
Last season i had more than 140 players