drawing bug

20/10/18 16:55
hi i have been playing friendlies several of them actually and i can guess the result will be a scoreless draw in most cases and it's getting a bit boring / predictable to the pt i'm not even watching the game as i know the result anyone else finding the sames , i've not scored any goals on any of my teams and had about 80% scoreless draws ?
20/10/18 18:41
Not had that yet but no doubt I will
20/10/18 19:01
I played 10 friendlies on main team you can see it 80% of them was draws and 0-0 scores . Although I have just looked back I did get a massive 2 goals in 10 almost as good as Newcastle playing atm lol
20/10/18 23:36
20/10/18 23:36