Realistic or what

04/05/19 23:31
When are you going to fix this stupid unrealistic action.
That a ball can land right at your keepers feet and he just stands there doing nothing , then if the oppostion has a quick player they always score from this move,
9 times out of 10 this move leads to the opposing team scoring,
in all reality this would never happen no keeper would ever just stand with the ball right in front of them and then let the other team score. in the real world your keeper would pick up or kick the ball away the ball.

Also the opposition score from goal kicks and from well inside there own half and yet again your keeper just stands there.
why spend ages training up your keeper in shot stopping, interception recieving etc for him just to stand there.....
05/05/19 11:06
Something wrong with your settings or you are not training him right
05/05/19 19:01
I had a goalkeeper that did just that Bairn kept conceding from inside the opposition half so I dismissed him straight but shaun maybe right when he talk about training him in the right way or even look at where positionally your keeper is supposedly standing if it;s not central of the goal and fixed to the line then that probably explains alot to me
06/05/19 10:53
Train 'Blocking Range' to stop teams from scoring from long balls.