Concerning Speed

09/04/20 08:23
I recently bought a 417 player whose speed values were all in the 400 plus. I made sure his morale was 100% as well as energy. But in his first match, he moved only slightly faster than my 270 defenders. I am confused and would like to know why this is.
09/04/20 15:17
It is not a problem with the game engine. If I put a slower man in my team, the difference can be seen,
What position is the player? Is his stamina lvl lower than others?

Defs best stats for pace are sprint/speed. Mid/Att sprint/with ball, then speed.
First 11 should be maxed in Stamina, to play at highest possible rhythm throughout the match.

Hope this helps

25/04/20 16:01
Gold F is right if your'e not cheating however I have played Games in the G C where I'm 3-4 levels above a team every one of my players is maxed out on everything & I have everything from the sports shop yet my players are still outpaced.

If they can come up with a strat that is so good they can beat me with a lesser team then fair enough but when I lose or draw because of this it just pisses me off & trust me you can tell admin as many times as you like about the ones who are doing it but they do sweet F A about it.
27/04/20 02:17
It usually depends on sprint
27/04/20 19:15
Gregory K. Ishii :

It usually depends on sprint

Yes but like I said I'm maxed out in everything & so is another team in my guild who also has the same thing happening to him.

Things have improved but there is still cheating going on
28/04/20 02:27
Oh yeh in this case that is an issue.

I am not sure if the mods even check the game or they left it basically for the game to rot lol....