Nr 10 most critical player???

02/11/15 10:37
I have been playing for a while now and what I found was that your nr10 is the most critical position in this game....If you have a good nr10 then it doesn't matter much what the rating is for your centres, wings and fullback bcos your games will be won by how many tries your nr10 can score for your team while the centres, wings and fullback just make up the numbers to fill up the team in essence......

Furthermore, the kicking ability in this game is horrendous to say the least.... Good flyhalves hardly miss a conversion attempt right in front of the post but in this game they miss more than a 9year old kid would miss while blindfolded...Is it possible to fix this????? And don't tell me to upgrade my kicking accuracy because at this stage with my best nr10 playing it is not even a problem as he is upgraded well eanough to make at least a 7/10 for kicking conversions and penalties....what I mean is it possible to rectify this problem which everyone is complaining from on ther developers side because it is really really super annoying to say the least. it possible that you can bring in the centres, wings and fullback to a more prominent role in the game as their value in this games written by the developers is seriously understated.....because paying large ammounts of recruiter points for really good outside backs does not necessarily mean that your team will perform really any better than before....At this stage it feels that you can play a game with only 10 men in your team and the results will not be much different than playing with 15 players as a rugby match should be
02/11/15 15:23
Ditto, kicking accuracy really sucks, also I experience errors every 30mins with this game, can't do anything without getting sorry we have a 10min maintenance break and having to restart the app. Also a lot of the time I was in the final of a tournament, then you guys update something and then the tournament suddenly doesn't exist.