tournament bug

15/12/15 23:59
The tournament I am currently playing is kind of stuck, all second round matches ended 0-0 and no one is progressing to the next round. It's not possible to watch the matches either
16/12/15 00:01
Yep. That's happened to me also several times.
16/12/15 00:11
Same here - first round of tournament, and the games didn't play - just all stuck at 0-0.
Worse still it won't let me play a training match or even a friendly since it happened. Just says "A match will start soon".
16/12/15 00:44
+1.... If I click on my game it has the 'watch' button, but it doesn't work.. Broken :'(

I would have won an all... I demand my golden balls!
16/12/15 02:03
Me too.
16/12/15 02:42
Same here, hopefully they're working on it.
16/12/15 04:03
16/12/15 06:31
Me too.
16/12/15 07:25
Me as well, have guild challenge starting and at least three of us can't play in it. Come on guys sort it out.
16/12/15 09:24
Still can't play any matches. What a kick in the gold balls.