100+% match bonus?

19/01/16 18:52
Does match bonus top out at 100%? Or can it go higher with the strategy building?

Just to be clear what I'm asking is there any point going above 90% on the scroll bar?
22/01/16 09:03
Now that IS a good question
23/01/16 12:32
I believe it is a separate multiplier added after all others but I also would appreciate confirmation on this
27/01/16 23:04
Can sublinet answer this?
28/01/16 11:09
James is right, match bonus and strategy building bonus are separated multipliers.
07/02/16 00:39
So basically, if we want our teams to do well, we'll need to spend real money to buy game money in order to be able to afford the full match bonus. Crap feature of the game sublinet, get rid of it.
07/02/16 17:05
No, you juist save your money to spend in matches, earn gold coins in tournaments to spend and recruiter points in vuile wars and don't spend any real money.
07/02/16 17:47
No. Develop winning tactics and laugh as people waste their money.