New flags...

15/03/16 05:01
Please update your list of flags. For example, you don't have Ukraine as an option, they are currently ranked 28th for 15's. You have many other options that are ranked lower.

Thank you for your attention to this. Great game, keep up the great work.

Whitewall RFC-

24/03/16 08:09
Supporting the idea !
We need also some more African country on board, does not cost much to add. Think about Uganda, Gabon, etc.
Thanks for the work !
15/04/16 01:25
Please, new country flags... Of all the requested changes, this seems like the easiest and most reasonable to accommodate. Thank you.
10/06/16 02:05
Thank you for the update. It is unfortunate it didn't include any additions to the country flags, though suggested a few updates ago. I sincerely hope this is a request that can be contemplated in the near future. Again, thank you.
07/07/16 00:41
Another update and no new flags...
15/09/16 01:35
Why no Ukrainian flag?
I've been asking for this flag for nearly a year....I am beginning to think the worst about Sublinet.
Please give me a reason, it must be very easy to add flags.
A sincere thank you for the game.
Yours truly,
Whitewall RFC (Lomu's Legends)
15/09/16 02:35
Чому нема Українського прапору?
Я питаю за цей прапор майже рік ... Я починаю думати погані речі про Sublinet .
Прошу дайте мені хоч одну причину чому нема нових прапорів, це повинно бути дуже легко щоб їх додати .
Дуже дякую за гру.
З повагою,
Whitewall RFC (Lomu's Legends)
15/09/16 06:19
Thanks for the new update I like the new m/b system its brilliant I am proud to be part of this game and also got 5 of my friends involve in this game and they love it we are in the guild The Beste Guild Ooit we only got one request. We love buying the premium special packages but because of the VERY LOW VALUE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN RAND we can only afford the two lower premium special packages. so please can you avoid the two higher premium special packages then we can buy a lot more and afford it. We are Willi gins, Joheinca 21, ATTIE, Jay zombies, CRAZY LIONS and LAATLAM. Please we will appreciate it very mutch if you can help us
23/10/16 14:59