In need of a guild

04/03/17 18:12
Hi all,

I have just been removed from a guild with no reason to that end I am looking for an active guild. I am active and average over 1k heals a season

Liverpool RFC
04/03/17 21:02
Ur welcome at the Old Folks Home. Bring your gown and slippers
04/03/17 21:07
Your are welcome at Bad Mother Ruckers mate. We could do with another big name there to help drive it forward.
04/03/17 23:22
Just been told i was booted for wanting the guild to be active, i stated in chat and i quote "get active or fook off" not bitter or worried as i have now found a home thanks to RB. Best of luck LL i wish you all the very best!
05/03/17 01:20
Gilbert as leader - good luck with that.