No credits for hours and nobody bothers to look into my ticket

03/06/17 21:31
Black Monks :

You won't get a response from the game, so if you need to take your toys to a new sandbox then don't wait. To quote the great school of philosophers Friday, bye felicia

I like the game but I want to get what I paid for. I will not leave because somebody takes my money but doesn't deliver. I rather spend a 1000 times more and WILL get what I am entitled for. So I don't give a ... about your philosophers.
03/06/17 21:38
Sam Titrading :

As you could see in my previous reply , I restarted. I rebooted, my money is out of my account. My money is registered as my last payment in the games log BUT I still haven't had any reaction from support. Their payment system doesn't work but nobody cares until now. Getting very annoyed. Do I need to get Facebook involved because I won't wait until Monday.

So when you say you won't wait till Monday what you meant to say is you will wait till Monday? Once again, we have only ever seen one thing happen on a weekend, the game crashed for all of ios one weekend and all apple users had to wait for Monday. will wait until Monday likely.
03/06/17 21:40
Also, if delaying your reward for using money results in you spending 1000x more, shouldn't they always delay your reward? Seems to be bad business to not delay
03/06/17 22:11
Try to think before you post. Not giving the money to them, but to take care they won't do it again.
Found the owners already:
04/06/17 00:59
Wow, youre the first one to ever find the owners. Grow up dude. You're acting like an of art
04/06/17 01:00
And do you know who you find of you follow your link info? Nobody until monday
04/06/17 10:54
Congratulations, you found something freely available on this very site Now relax, your query wilk be attended to on Monday, its not like an entire months wages have been taken.
05/06/17 04:23
Ticket has been handled, everything sorted now. Did get compensation.
05/06/17 14:08
Reminds me of a the mamas and the papas song
05/06/17 15:19
Sam Titrading :

Ticket has been handled, everything sorted now. Did get compensation.

Glad it got sorted eventually.