Dear players,members

21/04/18 23:33
Black Monks :

I'm 100% on board with new options depending on what they are, just not replacing which the post spammed on all these threads was to get rid of the massive massive tourney. So yes, let's pressure more choices (sadly we can't pressure as much as we like) but when the devs pull their heads out and actually do one thing we like let's not punish them for it.

The initial post never suggested to scrap the tournament.. rather to compare the differences in levels..
getting more options to cater to everyone is most definitely the main idea here.
21/04/18 23:37
Targaryen Dragons :

another idea would be to have divisions, so those 60+ compete for the nitro cup, 50-59 for the shield, 40-49 for the bowl, etc, that way it is still more prestigious to win the cup, but lower teams have a target too

This would certainly level the playing ground

so level categories can scrap it out
based on "strategy-general management-and of course MB"
23/04/18 20:34
An alternative could be similar to what is done in regular tournaments, until you get to the latter stages, pay 1 Gold Ball for each win. That way, even the lowest level teams might enter, get lucky with the draw and play a few "bots" before being drawn against a much higher level team thereby making it worthwhile.
24/04/18 22:08
I don't believe that you get cash or gold balls playing a BOT but may be wrong.