Who’s your top 5 rated ?

06/07/18 17:06
The real Mayhem :

how i miss playing this games at times....

You were also a top player bud
07/07/18 01:56
Many good players come and go, its longevity thats the true test. I remember some players in Urban Rugby who were giants, how many left, god knows.

In recent times Vmax has been the best for me, but long term there have been others who pipped him.
08/07/18 22:19
Ha Ha - MasseGat - perhaps a little untactful but welldone for keeping the SA flag digitally flying strong and proud w/o.... bending a knee... Yes boet!! :))
08/07/18 22:34
Back when this game was still new and shiny.... Cayden was the best and Rhino was a close 2nd... but some days it was reversed and Rhino was untouchable.
09/07/18 01:01
It would be hard for me to rate a top 5 of all time as opposed to current. Its easy to dominate for a few seasons, but to be there from the dawn is very difficult. Not many originals left. On current form vmax is the main man id say.
09/07/18 01:53
'The Master' I do not know you. But from 1 Welsh guy to another we @ FOD's wish u a speedy recovery. Stay as strong as u can whilst keeping family and friends close brother.
09/07/18 23:58
Thanks dragon, uch love mate
10/07/18 00:00
Who are the top 5 at arranging 0-0 matches?
10/07/18 13:10
Play by the rules :

Who are the top 5 at arranging 0-0 matches?

That's a tough one, But mine are:-
I don't care
Who cares
Nobody cares
Why would I care
10/07/18 21:13