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03/11/21 20:47
100% in agreement there Gareth, The Voting System is just another way for the cheats to continue their match fixing. Like you, unless things change for the better (significantly so) by the end of this season I will be joining you in fading into obscurity down the rankings with an Auction House only team.
04/11/21 12:08
My entire guild is p!ssed off with the latest changes. The game is far less enjoyable - many feature no tries as the game descends into boring stalemate. People are talking about leaving the game completely. I used to get a buzz from it but now it’s dull. Certainly won’t be spending money on it. They’re killing the game - just like the RFU.
05/11/21 10:34
The game has gone back to where it was 5 years ago. Total wank from the p155 taking morons at Shyte Nurdo. So unrealistic in gameplay and massive strat swings make no difference. Thanks for opening the door to show us the way out. As a friend elsewhere reacted some time ago ...FU 2 SN,
05/11/21 16:35
Hopefully everyone is registering their displeasure with ‘Support’. Maybe they’ll get the message and revert.
05/11/21 19:01
I keep adding to my ticket on a daily basis but so far all negative responses and none to my last addition (surprise, surprise Cilla).

I won 21-7 today, all scores being converted tries but none of the 4 were from farther out than 5-10 metres. This is still completely bonkers and that's the polite version. In the majority of games it is still going to be won on penalties and drops goals from short distance. Just look at all the 3-3s, 6-0s, 9-6s. What an effing bore!!!!
06/11/21 07:18
Mel Fingerbum :

The only way this gets resolved is people stop buying and cut them off financially!!

Well it’s those Mugs who continue to spend that Is gonna keep this update!! All so they can say they’re No1 in the game hahahaha wake up the game Is now dead and once the current team I have is run down that’s it’s for me. The cheeky bastards even had the audacity to ban me for telling them their update was shit!!
06/11/21 11:24
Watching paint dry or grass grow is now more exciting than this pile of manure!!!
06/11/21 15:05
OMG the game is getting worse with every patch, now attacking players with higher stats than defence are tackled with ease, scrums are a mess, teams with higher stats are being beaten, top stat players giving away pens in the tackle when all stats are at max, do nitro really understand rugby ? Go back to how it was before these 3 patches.
06/11/21 15:11
I agree with above
10/11/21 12:07
Ive actually stopped playing the game. Lost all interest. Level 140 played for years and now my level 730 number 10 can’t even run around a prop. A total bucket of wank this game has become