Looking for a Good Guild

29/11/17 07:11
Hi guys I am in a guild Super Rugby S A but wow the leader is just to full of himself Only he can be leader and does not even have right hands - and he gets cross if you don't do as he wants - This week is was some BS about writing him a mail telling him what I think a team is is my own words - Really is this school or what - Maybe its just a male thing lol

Ok I have only just started playing but did put a little cash into the game to get it moving. I did play the soccer game and made it into the top 1,000 but left as there is just to many teams that don't speak english. More guys from home play rugby so here I am.

I am looking for a guild that has active people and a good kit rate and that is willing to teach this girl a few things. Please help save me from this monster!
29/11/17 07:38

we can do with some good guys like yourself... look us up IRB United legends
29/11/17 11:12
Hi Durban Bullies, our guild the Dream Academy might be what you're looking for, we are a training guild/academy for Guild of Dreams, we've got some great experienced players to help teach and there is normally always someone around to answer any questions you have, it's also very active with most of the guild sending over 200 kits this season and over 700 sent by one of the guild. we are currently full but i plan on kicking a player who has been fairly inactive. so if you are interested play me in a friendly and i'll send you an invite
29/11/17 15:28
I can recommend several great Guilds that would look after you properly, the two above being amongst them. Our own Feeder Guild "Boots & Blood", "If Carlsberg Did Guilds" or "Invictus" are another 3 worth considering.

Any of the above will be good and good luck whichever one you choose
30/11/17 11:39
+1 to DHSFP recommendations. i would just add that when you choose a guild look at the level of the players in it and pick a guild where you fit in the lower lower third. this means you will be competative in the guild challenges and will also have plenty of players in you guild who can offer tips and advice. good luck in your search.

[If Carlsberg Did Guilds]
01/12/17 00:04
Incidentally SF, thank you for a cracking final and I just got my subs on before you. Also changing who I kicked to during the game possibly saved me. From all of us at WES, a big thank you to all at ICDG and look forward to the return which I will set up for us through Falkland Sound.
14/12/17 20:19
Look no further, Agenda 21: De Pop; are recruiting. Current highest player is 230 star, current highest league players are league 52. Currently 15 members, a few big teams and some new guys so we are getting there and all are welcome. Hit us up.

All we ask is that teams are active and send minimum 100 heals. I am the leader alond with another lad and got a couple of right hands so the load is split quite well. Anyway, come check us out, but if not, good luck with your search and maybe we will play you at some point.

Cheers, Balderdash Titans.
31/12/17 02:19
My guild is called England 2066(international),we are looking for a player so badly. We celebrate events and my members feel very happy and luxurious.
01/01/18 12:23
just please tell me how many fans you have and your team nickname and info
20/02/18 06:16
We have a guild where everyone is right hand and need active players that play gc and send heals,,Rugby Legends S.A