I.F.C Recruiting

12/09/18 18:51
Hello everyone,

I.F.C are on the search for 2 new members. We're not a fussy bunch really but we would like to secure two L70+ teams as currently we are almost exclusively L70+. We are friendly and fair, have a fb group and whatsapp too. We like to share strats, get out Marleys wood and drink rum!

If you are interested and very active please play Dreadlocked Warrior or myself for an invite.

Cheers team.

19/09/18 06:12
Man, you guys have just taking a pounding those last two GC's. Careful of what you wish for, so you wanted it, so you get it. What does it say on your wall again? Oh yeah, karmic retribution, "Bare wood, no lube!" I hope you guys are a tight group there, and can help each other feed yourselves soup after Spuitpoep and Damage did some serious damage to those egos.....having some trouble walking these last few days? Bare wood, no lube! Maybe if you lubed that BIG ego and didn't jump the gun and start recruiting players before negotiations were over you might be able to get back on that horse you built. We'll be seeing you hot shots soon. Bare wood, no lube! Fitting
19/09/18 12:06
Ha ha. However, we are in a position to play these kind of GC's as we have built a solid guild. Yeah we are tight, so no issues there and almost full again.

Pretty sure Damage and Spuietpop would smash most guilds nowadays, with lots of L75's at the top of their game. Yeah we got a tonking from both guilds but I don't see Ball Boys playing the top guilds, why is that?!

People left your guild because, well, they wanted a change. I'm not sure what you are looking for, maybe I take more of your fans in training games?? That would be fun, especially when you're online and subbing again.

You talk about egos, man a live! You've got the biggest ego out there, but also a rubbish attitude when you don't get your way. Kinda like Trump, just a big man child.

Anyway, drag your sorry ass guild up to where the big boys play and we will happily give you a spanking.

Laters with Love, Saruman.
19/09/18 12:21
Go away lc, no one likes you. Can't wait to see to your lot beat damage and spuitpop...
20/09/18 02:32
Ok, so I'll man up and give your guild and your mates a formal apology so all can read it and be ever etched in the icons of RM. I know they are good that's why I wanted to form this merger so they could have some competition against another solid guild. You guys are a good group of blokes and have loyalty there and that goes a long ways in this game. I just saw the potential of how great it could've been if all sides saw eye to eye. Oh well, good on you getting #1 Jim, I have always respected your play, and now I will respect your guild and mates and say again, sorry. But it could've been something wonderful......Cheers
20/09/18 05:18
Also for the record, the folks who left ball boys did not leave for the reasons stated and alluded to above. Lc and balls boys were great to be a part of for myself and several others.
20/09/18 20:17
Hey LC, many thanks for the kind words, and for wishing me luck for my league play this morning, it worke, I actually won!! Lol.

Monks, i know for a fact that people have left ball boys because they wanted a change, and I was not alluding to anything. So stop looking for something that isnt there. I would have said it differently if it was meant that way.

Good luck in your recruitment LC, Ryan and Andy will have to respectfully decline your invites though

I'm sure we will talk soon.
20/09/18 22:02
Saruman, you take my words of defending lc as an attack on you, relax, it was a defense of lc.