48 hr waiting period for team in Guild

06/11/18 12:02
I have a hugh problem with this so called 48hr waiting prior to a player allowed to play in the Guild Challenge......two players recently joined basically at the same time (within 2 hrs of each other) and both within 24hrs was allowed to play in a Challenge.....and yes they were challenged by the opposition Come the second challenge and one of them must all of a sudden wait the 48hrs........How is this possible, surely if allowed to play in the first Challenge, should not have to wait 48hrs for his next Challenge
06/11/18 12:29
did you have two teams leave the guild after they joined and after the GC had been assigned? that auto bumps them into challenge
06/11/18 19:47
If I understand you correctly....am i right re the following:
Basicaly player 1-23 is in gvg prep phase. Player 24 and 25 join. The amount of teams is already determined to be 23. (Based on home guild and opponents availability) now player 23 and 22 leaves, then 24 and 25 will be forced in their place

If i am correct then you answered correctly as well for which i thank you
07/11/18 10:05
yep that's it
07/11/18 14:10
An additional question is with a 36 hour gvg cycle should it not be aligned with the reduced window as technically depending on when you join it can be up to 72 hours.