No disputes in forum

07/03/17 14:51
Also, if things were going smoothly with you two moderating in the background why are you suddenly in the foreground after a week of success in the background? We all agree the last week has been great for our community, should we risk damaging the growth by changing what created the growth. Thanks for moderating in the background last week
07/03/17 14:56
Totally agree with Monks and Mooners.
07/03/17 17:13
Black Monks :

Thanks for moderating in the background last week

Believe me, it is / was a pleasure. Remember though that mods, admin and devs are in the main also game players and forum members and, as such, are just as entitled to use and post as such although the expression 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' often comes to mind.
07/03/17 17:42
Did you read that I said you couldn't post? I said that it has been nice to have you not mocking me to intentionally get posts deleted. And fada is the one that said he had to deletemy post due to your open mocking and inability to refrain. I am fine with you speaking all you want so long as you don't break rules. But the calming over the past week was due to the mocker being silent, not the mocked.
07/03/17 18:40
From thanks to a new complaining thread...some things will never change.
07/03/17 18:46
It's a real shame this topic has been slighlty derailed
07/03/17 18:46
Qball, I am thankful for the new path this forum has taken and remain thankful. I am not complaining just ensuring the illness is diagnosed correctly and nobody tries to hide it. It is like wound care, a bandaid on a wound will hide the infection from site but it will not allow the infection to be healed. It was not me that said we have moved on and suggested passively what happened, that was another poster. I have stated my thanks and acknowledged the issue that was resolved. I do not do things passively, my word is my bond, and I will not accept passive inuendos that allude to the problem being the mocked and not the mockers.
07/03/17 18:49
Colstons :

It's a real shame this topic has been slighlty derailed

I have remained 100% on topic about the thanks for the direction the forum has taken, please do not try to allude to me derailing what I have not derailed. I am thankful the mocking has ended and remain thankful for that.
07/03/17 18:52
Nobody has accused you of anything BM. Lets move on.

Thanks for the thanks Colstons
07/03/17 21:31
Let's all have a sing along.... come on there must be some strong Welsh singers here...