Calling Time on Top Levels

09/01/18 23:44
True, so they are present and just simply dgaf
10/01/18 10:24
Thanks Black Monks and Bluemooners.

For all the frustrations and irritations with the game and the devs, RM remains a fun interactive game considering it is free to play if you so choose, and it gives people with a common interest the opportunity to interact with each other.

I just can't wrap my head around the way the game is run business-wise. They are slow to respond to improvement ideas (or just completely ignore them), give vague template responses to tickets that are raised, and discourage their customers from spending money by making luck and randomness such a huge factor that it can render very good strategies and maxed out players almost useless. I mean a bit of randomness is actually good, but the main determining factor should always be strategy and training, which would keep players on the game. The game should be much more about skill than luck. Otherwise I may as well go put my money in the slot machine at the casino. At least then I might even get some money back
11/01/18 09:21
Glad ur not going completely phalanx enjoy the lower levels