Are we being forced to quit the game?

22/03/18 13:11
I no longer have a problem with mb, I have a problem with you saying you are better than someone else when there is no evidence.

And to say you have the best credit card free team in the game when you lose half your training matches is sad. At least db could hit above his weight class, your schedule shows clearly that you cannot.

I can go through over 20 examples of you not being able to beat non credit card teams in training matches you initiate (significant advantage for you) but let's just look at today. You had fc Grenoble, who has worse players than you, you initiated back to back matches, you got worse. Any player who claims to be even a top 100 player of the game would have dominated the first match and crushed them the second.
22/03/18 16:38
Yeah shame on me for drawing and losing matches to a team that has played 33 more seasons than i have. And shame on me for losing other poxy training matches against credit card hackers most of them with over 2 years more than me worth of training and stratergising and recruit points and building upgrades ect...
22/03/18 17:47
You're the one who said you're the best. You came on here talking down to a person for no reason. And now you are adding yet another excuse. You aren't the best player, you are the best player who has played as little as you, who has paid as little as you and who doesn't have better strat than you. In other are you, nothing else. Just advice, don't come on here and try to build yourself up at others expense unless they start it. I would never have brought up your poor strat and record and massive mb use had you not professed your greatness. As you apparently know I post regularly, feel free to find an example that I randomly talk down to a person without them doing something first. 2 years of black and white to look through. I admit and have admitted I have gone to far, but I don't come on here and talk down to randoms and I sure don't profess my greatness as I have always said I am not a great strategist compared to the top dogs.
23/03/18 06:45
Thanks i agree... My stratergy is far from greatest but has done me alright in g.c. and championships and tornaments. Can you help with this topic..... Training match results appear to be more random. Eg i had more energy today and he had less than he had yesterday and i haven't changed my stratergy for months was able to beat fc Grenoble today.. now he appears to have same lineup and assuming he doesnt run a losing stratergy (lol he didn't yesterday) and i know i changed nothing but for adding the 24 hour worth of training points. How is it so
23/03/18 11:04
There is a strong belief of some that friendlies, trainings, tournaments and championships are all on slightly different engines. This would make sense to do but I don't know if so. You have to remember that changing ruck aggression 5% can change the outcome, same with any spacing and rhythm. So if I play someone today I lose but then they play a tourney game, change their d spacing to account for the new competitor and don't change it back, all of a sudden holes appear for you when you play. If you want to actually be a top player you will a. Need to learn the impact of each setting intimately. B. Learn to spot the problem quickly c. Quickly make effective in game changes.
23/03/18 12:18
Fot sure... until now i have had the mentality of i just play my favorite stratergy and opponents have to try and beat me but the penny started to drop over last few levels that i was going to need to put some serious time into perfecting the a.b.c. of stratergy that you speak of. Play hard may the rugby gods be with you and maybe see you out on the pitch one day. what guild do you hail from and what is your teams name
23/03/18 13:09
I am black Monks and I am currently with team GB, have been with BIA, Webb Ellis (hellfire at the time), the library, a few others and going way back, scrum down ruck over drink up. Now that you don't think you are the best you have a shot at becoming the best. The top guys on here have crazy knowledge of the game mechanics (they don't always make sense, just an fyi)
23/03/18 13:24
Too true
23/03/18 18:11
The more senseless the mechanic the bigger the impact
24/03/18 10:48
Hey dudes where/how do i change that guest dxb whatever name and create my own post name