sublinet bends over and takes one in the ass again

30/07/16 08:42
After iranians hacked their golden balls system and made sublinet look like fagot ass bitches, the iranians then ass raped sublinets match code to expose the 10 strikers bug, now their fucking them hard again by exploiting the friendly system. Fair play to them for realizing this dirty tactic but at the end of the guild challenge they constantly play friendlies against the online players (i don't know how they know who's online - probably hacked a 'back door' entry into sublinet) and against their own player so he cant be challenged.

When will your ass have enough sublinet? i hope their using lube hahaha
30/07/16 11:30
Despite the wording, the problem Shaz is talking about is serious and some of the historic and most contributive players of this game may consider leaving if it isn't solved.
What is so complicate in implementing a rule for friendlies during Guild Challenges to avoid those bugs?
Iranian football may have different rules than the normal ones, so why not calling the game Iranian Football Champions after all. After all, it would be more clear for everybody and we wouldn't lose our time anymore...
30/07/16 12:57
forum is nothing since several months...we already told about this subject but no answers...i play the game since 1 or 2 years, i'm in the top level and i played different good teams but all i can say is the game is becoming worse since Iranian came...many good players left the game because of that ..
30/07/16 22:40
fucking cowardice behavior in the guild challenges...

Admins do something about this ASAP
30/07/16 23:25
Shaz, how do you know that the golden balls system was hacked?

I say, let them play the game, let them hack whatever code, let them pay for balls, let them win games and guild challenges. They'll have their fun together, they'll cheat themselves.

I'm giving this game and Sublinet ONE freaking week, only ONE, to come up with solutions. I'll be somewhere else if nothing is done.


31/07/16 04:48
Cos their buildings got taken down from lvl 20 to level 15, if they had paid legitimate money the buildings would never have been reduced, but they still kept their age 18 max stat players and i had been playing months to get to lvl 16 at the time buildings so lvl 15 was not enough of a drop but i guess sublinet was too scared to drop them further as they enjoyed the back door entry
01/08/16 02:45
I see...
05/08/16 21:07
I asked sublinet if that happened and they responded we were not aware of this and instantly closed my ticket