Game not working via computer

08/12/18 09:50
Hi all don't know if anyone is having same issues maybe it's just me I've got two computers neither seems to be working on either the football or the rugby the only way I can access the game is through phone when you load up the main page via computer it just reads initialising but after waiting several minutes for the page to load I realised it wasn't going to.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
08/12/18 10:22
yes i do as well thru facebook i think its the link between the 2 other games not working too
08/12/18 11:48
That happens a lot on Firefox & int exp try opra
09/12/18 02:47
It works on mine perfectly, so i find it unusual...
09/12/18 18:25
A couple on our guild have also had problems but most of us are ok