MoM coins

17/10/15 23:20
Have two games where I have selected correct mom and cannot claim the 400 coins I should be able to...why not?
17/10/15 23:40
I also have the same problem, I click the button... And nothing happens!
18/10/15 01:10
Same here 200 showing, push the claim button nothing happens push again and still nothing happens
18/10/15 04:58
Same problem here...
18/10/15 07:37
cant claim my mom coins from the first 2 quarters,i click on claim but nothing happens,plz fix
18/10/15 08:50
18/10/15 10:26
I have the same problem have 200 MoM coins to collect and it won't let me, anyone found anything out yet? Very annoying
18/10/15 10:32
I have the same issue, unable to claim MoM coins
18/10/15 10:44
same here. Did you file a ticket?
18/10/15 11:06
Surprise surprise, same issues !