Is there automated bot bidding in the Auction Houses?

05/05/17 18:49
You can actually see who makes the bids on players. Also take into consideration there are a lot of guilds with alliances that don't make it public knowledge who help each other out upping bids. I know I've helped friends get the max out of their players, sometimes it works, other times it backfires.
06/05/17 01:44
Likewise, there are guilds that won't bid against each other which would explain theirs going for a lot and yours going for less. It's far more organic than a bot or as you suspect, since you bring up source code, manipulation on an unethical level by programmers. A lot of people swear on here that the programmers could ruin a wet dream yet at the same time they are able to put together complex algorithms to screw over live players? I suspect their ability is somewhere between those two extremes