Justice for Pirates

10/05/17 22:23
Here at the 'Pirates up in Arms Guild' we are a tad miffed & we are appealing to the developers to provide a proper pirates skull & cross-bones flag as a choice in accordance with our Pirate Rights.......please support our cause and sign below

Cap'n Hank Green Beard
10/05/17 22:58
Luufy! Get out of this body right now! (or Brook )
10/05/17 23:03
Great post Hank. Sweet Nitro please stop this Pirate discrimination.
10/05/17 23:19
It's about time and well done Cap'n Hank. I was an apprentice Pirate back in the day but failed my exams. I now work in the city as a currency trader so I have no given up my pirate tendencies completely. Anyway, it's about time these petty bureacrats listened to us ordinary folk.....JUSTICE FOR PIRATES huzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
11/05/17 01:40
We also need a kekistan flag. We keks have been oppressed and ignored for far too long
11/05/17 09:46
I'm backing Justice for Pirates. Come on Sweet Nitro it even fits with your branding. Think about the gold balls people will spend changing so suits the commercial model.

Monks thanks for the education as have learnt something from looking up what it was.
11/05/17 19:49
I'm here to educate! I just hope that you read the official kekistani story and not one of the false stories from our oppressors the Normies
11/05/17 20:45
Haha careful B Monks - the mods may decided the topic is being de-railed and you'll end up on the naughty step! : )

Anyway I reiterate my thoughts Give the Pirates their flags, Pirates have rights too, this is blatant pirate flag discrimination!! end this developers #Justiceforpirates

12/05/17 00:10
Good point, in all my posts I am completely in favor of skull and crossbones even when I fail to reiterate my pro pirate stance, and i would appreciate a 4chan kekistani flag. Still don't know why I was banned so I just have to err on the safe side, thanks for the reminder!
12/05/17 11:44
Yup im all for a pirate flag

I would also like to say maybe i could get some new socks flag as well as it would help with the smell around here