Big Tournament is a Joke!!!

08/02/18 00:09
So, I have only had 1 competitive match in this "awesome" huge tournament as the other opponents have just left, meaning I gain no cash and no fans for the automatic 3-0 win. How is this fair? I am being penalised for my opponent not playing. Sort it out!!! So I'd say that if you leave a tournament you are docked the fans that you would lose if you lost that game and your opponent at least gains the match money!

This whole huge tournament had been 1 massive let down, and yeah I do think that sweet nitro
08/02/18 00:13
sounds standard it's just one big mess the whole game is not great atm I mean it can't get worse so I stick with it knowing it can only be better. So many things wrong right now but you should be compensated money and extra goldballs for the waste of your time entering the tournie waiting till match started to find out no gate money or goldballs
08/02/18 01:03
Perhaps some hope of a lower level player like myself getting paid would have helped. This is geared completely to golden teams and the lower levels have no hope. So they go and play a tournament where they can win. Makes sense to me.
08/02/18 08:40
So I would say I am a mid level team, on around 240 stars. My frustration is when I would have played a match, stayed up until very late and then to find out that the team I was supposed to play has bailed. So what a waste of bloody time that was. No gate money or added fans. Why not put in place that if you leave a tournament early it will cost you 10 gb and the other team gets double gate money??? Either way, just bloody sort it.