Help with Game Math

11/05/18 23:22
Help please.

Iam trying to calculate the gain of the infirmary.
And sportshop and want to be able to reverse the equation.

Player had 4 energy percent recovery per hour(max).
1.At infirmary level 14 with 55% gain his recovery rate is stated 8.89/h.

1. 8.89-55%=4
How do I calculate this in reverse 4 + 55% = 6.2

And once sport shop items is bought how will that enter equation?

Any help appreciated

12/05/18 00:04
Well, 55% of 8.89 is not 4, it's 4.8895. So you are left with 4.0005, which is 45%. Add both of these together and you are back to 8.89, i.e. 100%.

Sports shop is difficult to get in to this equation as it is not an overall percentage, unlike the infirmary. The sports shop is individual to each player, so if 1 player has a pass accuracy of 120 and another 180, then you bought 2* gear and added to to both players this would be a different percentage for both players.

This is way beyond what I can put together but maybe someone with a maths mind could get you a little further.
12/05/18 00:14
Sorry I asked the question wrong.

Let's say I buy a 4%/h player and I have infirmary bonus of 55%. My recovery rate is 8.89.

2 questions.

1. What will my recovery rate be with 60% infirmary bonus?

2. What will my recovery rate be with 60% infirmary bonus + the +15 sport shop bonus.

And I want the equation so I can reverse the sum where needed. Thanks
12/05/18 01:16
I understand the need to work out the maths which rules our game but I wonder why it is the recovery rates that concern you?

If you can explain to me why you want to work this out, I might be willing to think it through =)

12/05/18 01:20
1. Multiply X (recovery rate) x 1.Y (infirmary). So recover of 2 and infirmary at 50% it would be 2 x 1.5 = 3
12/05/18 01:29
But we also have to keep our % straight since they aren't the same. One of them reduces the length of recovery, and the other increases the rate of recovery.
15/05/18 16:29
I've since figured out the question on the infirmary. Iam currently running tests on the sports bonus will post results soon.
15/05/18 22:01
Yep thing is like bm said, (allthough maths wrong) it is a reduction to your recovery time with infirmarys and is a percentage. And you want the other percentage (heal time not time saved) then the equation is simple
F = final recovery rate per hour
I = initial player recovery rate
X = infirmary % reduction rate

F=I ÷(1-(x÷100))

Was about to buy a level 1 loo roll to test the theory but i bid to 1m and didnt get it and am not going to waste my cash on it as I'm skint. I'll see how it works into the equation when I've got it.
I've got easy maths for mine. 4/h initial, 80% reduction for level 24 infirmary = 20/h exactly. Should be able to figure out what the shop bits do to it.
15/05/18 22:52
So in my case


So : 20=4÷(1-(80÷100))
= 20=4÷(1-0.8)
= 20=4÷0.2
= 20=20
all good!

Reverse is I = F x (1-(X÷100))

Let me know what yours changed to when buying loo roll and ill do maths.
16/05/18 14:36
I've run the tests twice and can confirm that the level 3 bandage is a 15% increase in recovery rate. That is a 15% added to final rate. Also note that the after buying bandage gear the difference in recovery rate is not changed in the game's visible stats but it's definitely active in the background.