The Internarional Barbarians

24/05/18 16:27
Hi all. I'm the leader of The International Barbarians. We've been hit hard by the new guild challenge rules. We lost some quality players and now we're down to 11 members, including about 2-3 inactive players. We chose not to dissolve our guild, so now I'm here looking for new members. We accept players from anywhere in the world. Our guild is a little quiet, we don't engage in chats with each other (perhaps because of the language barrier), but we all did our part for the guild. We share heal kits, participate in challenges, and each players are constantly improving their teams. So come and check our guild and join us if you're interested. We would also consider a merger with another guild. Thank you.
24/05/18 20:21
Hi, we have been going through the same problem. We are called Dirty Ruckers and Our guild was decimated by the new rules so I feel for you. We recently joined forces with a really nice bunch of guys called “The Exiles” who are helping us rebuild and I turn we will feed their guild with high achievers.
We are all decent lads that enjoy the game without too many silly rules so come and have a chat with either Dirty Ruckers or The Exiles and see if you want to join forces.
Cheers, David ( Munster)