GvG TerraNova vs British Lions 2 June 2016

03/06/16 07:34
Very good guys.
A great GvG with some great tactics - well done.

There will be a stewards enquiry as to some of the tactics.
I am very concerned by the obvious use of webcams.
How else did Tomix know to hit as I went through Airport security and boarding lol
Muppet is very annoyed about beating Cheetahs lol hope his bank balance looks a bit better, even if we didn't manage all 20 home games.

On a serious note, a GvG well played and well executed.

Until next time, good luck and enjoy.
03/06/16 08:15
Thanks very much guys, nail biting stuff right to the end.

Hope we can meet again sometime, was really enjoyable.

Hope other guilds see this and join the party
03/06/16 08:22
Haha taff let's just say.....I got a feeling lol!
03/06/16 08:22
Haha taff let's just say.....I got a feeling lol!
03/06/16 08:22
Haha taff let's just say.....I got a feeling lol!
03/06/16 12:11
Blimey, 3 feelings ... You should see a doctor lol
04/06/16 17:22
3 feelings? That's a grope isn't it??
16/08/16 09:45
Els i assume you invited me to the guild, but i must say i was made to feel most unwelcome. Is this the was your guild behaves?
16/08/16 11:00
Hi Caernarfon,

I didn't actually - I was knackered after a long day of driving and a heavy weekend! so haven't been online for a while. I'm very sorry that you weren't made to feel welcome as we usually go out of our way to make members feel very much at home. It was unfortunate that you arrived in at a bad time, (as explained to you on chat).
The space available in the guild currently is reserved space in order to try and persuade a few of the quitters of the game to reengage.

You spoke on the forum after our GvG about coming over to discuss merging guilds to make a super guild, and Taff did respond to that with a polite thanks but no thanks.

It was realised that you joined IL and stated it wasn't intended to be a short visit, but then you immediately asked us to invite Gilbert too. Rightly or wrongly this was perceived to play to the scenario mentioned above, and as such, aligned with the space being needed, resulted in a polite request to allow us the space and continue to try and tempt a few of the quitters back.
And as said in chat also, am sure Web Ellis will need you and Gilbert for our next GvG adventure.

I am not sure who sent you an invite, they shouldn't have, and for that we apologise, No offence was meant at all, and we look forward to many good matches v you and your guild in the future.

IL is always very welcoming to new members, and will strive to continue to be.

16/08/16 13:15
It was cetainly not a play, that was made clear. Taff was rude, amd that is the only description for his behaviour. Perhaps he wanted to remain top dog in his guild. We would never treat any player with such disrespect. What happened reminds me of the bad old days when Lomus Legends teated people like shit.