12/04/18 18:28
Totally with you there Ashley I dont see what they get out of it if they win every league & knockout so what they bought it if they dont then they must be real losers because even by maxing everything out they still cant win it all
14/04/18 00:52
Ashley Longthorn :

omg guest are you nitro in disguise? relegation already exists . The devs have got it about right ? ??

i don't think i've ever read such rubbish in my life, and thats saying summat considering some of the pathetic responses I have recieved from nitro themselves. I don't mind people buying GB , but I don't agree with people buying there way to the top. Some players wouldn't even get anywhere remotely close to the top if they wasn't buying packs every season take BVB of and Liverpool in heavy metal football my 230 rated team can at a push beat both there over 300 rated teams even tho really I shouldn't stand a chance my point being they' aint there cos they're any good at the game they are there cos they bought there way, and both are very tactically weak. If the game was played straight up based on knowledge and abilty rather than who can spend the most this game would be very different . I just think where would they be if they had no pack players the truthful answer is they probs wouldn't even be level 50.

Where that response come from Ash? My reply ( it was I that posted just not logged in ) was in response to the previous posters suggestion of relegation. i made no reference to players buying their way anywhere. i think you you read a lot more into my post than was actually there.