strategy improvements

31/10/15 00:38
Frankly the selection is pretty poor at the moment. Some ideas:

*Kicking Strategy - Kick to touch, Kick to open field, Box/Garryowen kick, ideally dependent on field position and player.

*Rucking Strategy - Whether to get involved in rucks or not, individual player strategy option (to stop the 10 continually going in).

*Positional Discipline - Whether a player sticks rigidly to formation or not, would allow wingers/full backs to join into the game at the expense of shape.

*Lineout Strategy - Allow a percentage or shorter lineouts.
04/11/15 03:20
was thinking of putting an idea like this too. it would make upgrading your strategy building worth while.. maybe even have a way to customise your players and their positions and create moves as well .. but i obviously dont know how much they would have to change the game to make that happen. Also on defense have options eg Umrella defense. cover defense, man on man defense etc ..
19/11/15 20:14
Leuan I think you you have a few great ideas.I like the rocking strategy cause I hate my 10 going in cause then the 9 is to far to pass.I would like if you could say with that for eg that the props do the rucking ect. The kicking strategy could also be cool if they made the 15 call mark... Go check out my fun idee form and feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any idees to help mine along