Open goal line and player kicks/passes

03/11/15 20:14

On several occasions, the half time or full time whistle blows and my players either pass or kick the ball out while they are running to score...? Does this have something to do with my my strategy (penetration?) or is it some bug with the game?

Please advise
03/11/15 20:57
Several gamers had the same issue. It seems to have something to do with the football game this one is based on. Hope the developer will fix this.
07/11/15 23:17
I've only ever seen it happen when I am winning, which makes a kind of sense, the extra try means nothing then. Though I have seen teams kick away possession after 80 mins when losing, but only in the same circumstances they would kick during the game.
08/11/15 17:16
.........and the extra try can make the difference between a 4 or 5 point championship win!