07/02/16 09:57
Match bonus is ruining the game. Get rid of it.
07/02/16 10:08
Pete Ingham :

Match bonus is excellent. It should apply to the team being challenged too. You should be able to spend your money how you want. Otherwise all you need is 1 player in the guild challenge with a higher rating and it would be impossible to lose.

I do feel that the guild challenge needs amending. Either increase to 15 or award points to the team that wins even if they aren't the challenger.

You're simming the wrong game; try football if you just want to buy success rather than work for it.
19/02/16 14:22
Match Bonus is not ruining the game! Agree it needs modifying but what is killing the game is teams having squads of 50+ players and unlimited subs! That is killing the game!
19/02/16 15:15
They listen if you threaten to contact Apple if you have paid for add ons, every time the server crashes or I find a bug I complain