Training Games

13/04/16 13:18
Training Games need to be made realistic. If you are a 40 rating player of course you arent going to beat a player with 20 extra on you in the ratings. Its just impossible unless you use match bonus and even then you are highly unlikely to win. I like that there is a replace option but the games still need to be realistic in winning them. For an example of 40 rating players ideal teams to face would only be greater or less than by 5 (35-45 rating) as something that is realistic in having a decent chance to win
13/04/16 13:25
But training games aren't particularly about winning - they're for gaining training points, and trying out strategies. For gaining training points, it's advantageous to lose if you're running short of opponents, because that way you can play the opponent again. And again. And thus get more training points...
For testing out strategies, I would rather play someone ranked a fair bit higher, because that way you can see how well you're doing - there's no benefit in playing close or lower-ranked teams. Of course you can use friendlies for that, but that tends to alert the people you play against what you're up to.
So purely personally, these changes would be extremely unhelpful.